Pest Control Consulting

Pest Control Worker learning from Don Richards

Helping pest control professionals grow their business.

Our pest control expert has numerous qualifications and over 30 years of pest control experience under his belt. We want to pass on this unique expertise to the next generation of pest control professionals who want to see their business reach new heights in South Carolina.

We offer group, individual, and even virtual training for all company sizes. Get in touch today to create a custom package for your needs.

What to Expect from DRS Pest Control Training




Our expert pest control consultant will create a detailed evaluation of your existing processes, systems, and protocols.




We curate a custom training program to optimize your customer service, sales, and delivery procedures.




We will provide ongoing consultation and support to suit the needs of your business as it evolves and grows.

Our Pest Control Training Services

Customer Retention

DRS will collaborate with you and your team to establish why customers aren’t returning and devise strategic plans that keep them coming back time and time again.

Customer Service

Customers want an efficient, friendly, and responsive service. We’ll identify what can be improved and teach you how to provide world-class customer service.

Equipment Maintenance

We assist you in making educated decisions about the equipment you invest in. You’ll also learn how to extend the life of your machines by implementing good maintenance practices.

Sales Training

Every business needs a strong sales department to be successful. We offer tailored sales training programs to help you maintain a steady influx of customers.

Claims Mitigation

One disgruntled customer can seriously affect your reputation and cost you thousands in legal fees. We help you to assess risks and create a strategy to prevent expensive claims.

Quality Control

Let DRS help to implement a quality control program that will ensure customer satisfaction, establish a competitive edge, and ensure your staff maintain high standards.

Want to revamp your pest control company? We can help.