Residential Inspections

Residential Home Inspections Service

  • Pre-Listing Home Inspections for Real Estate Agents and Homeowners:
    DRS offers real-estate agents and DIY homeowners general home inspections and detailed written report before the home is put on the market to evaluate and identify any defects that could make the home less attractive to prospective buyers.
  • General Home Inspection for the Homeowners:
    DRS offers a comprehensive general home inspection with a detailed written report service to the homeowner. These inspections can be a one-time service or an annual inspection (recommended) program because home systems and components break down over time. This general inspection and written report will help you better maintain and protect one of the largest investments you and your family will make. Let DRS can help you protect your investment.
  • General Home Inspection for the home buyer:
    DRS offers a comprehensive general home inspection service and detailed report to home buyers before a real estate purchase. The inspection identifies visual defects with home systems and components that may need to be addressed by the current homeowner before you purchase the home.
  • Wood Destroying Organism Inspection:
    DRS is licensed by the State of South Carolina to perform Wood Destroying Organism Inspections (called a CL-100 inspection in SC). This inspection is for active or inactive termite or other wood destroying insects and wood decay fungi that may cause, or may have already caused, damage to the home. An official written report with findings and recommendations will be provided.
  • *All initial discussions about inspections are free. DRS withholds the right to accept or deny any work at its sole discretion.